AC Powered White LED Lamp

This is the simple circuit of white LED lamp that can be directly powered from AC Supply. Full Wave rectifier method used to convert AC to DC. In this, the 220ohm 1/2W resistor limits the current, 470K ohm 1/4W resistor, 470nF 400V capacitor and 1N4007 diodes are used to step down and rectification and it gives 40mA.

Agriculture Pump Control

The main aim of this project is to identify the water availability condition to the soil and to automatically control the water supply to the land in order to prevent the dry run condition for the soil. In this project, we use embedded technology to indicate the status of the soil. In order to achieve a good profit in the agricultural field the soil should be maintained in proper condition that fits for crop cultivation. The main thing that should be seen in order to achieve the profit is to maintain the wet condition of the soil in the correct proportion.

Dual Transistor Multivibrator Circuit (or) LED flasher

The circuit has two stable states that change alternatively. It is implemented by the coupling capacitors that instantly transfer voltage changes because the voltage across a capacitor cannot suddenly change. In each state, one transistor is switched on and the other is switched off. Accordingly, one fully charged capacitor discharges slowly thus converting the time into an exponentially changing voltage. At the same time, the other empty capacitor quickly charges thus restoring its charge. The circuit operation is based on the fact that the forward-biased base-emitter junction of the switched-on bipolar transistor can provide a path for the capacitor restoration.

Water Level Indicator using 7-segment display

We could know the water level in the tank by showing L(low), H(half), and F(full) on a 7-segment-display. This water level indicator circuit is designed by using the 7408 (U2) quad two-input AND gate IC (that contains four independent gates) and a 7404 (U1) hex inverting gate IC. When the tank is full a buzzer gives sound to alert and a Switch(SW) is used to turn off the buzzer.

Appartment Security System

The main aim of this project is to secure the apartment. This project is carried over through embedded technology using PIC microcontroller. The apartment can be monitored and if any problem arises alarm will be ON.

Simple Rain Detector Alarm

This rain detector alarm circuit project is an very simple circuit , that will start an audio warning , if the liquid is present on the sense pad . This rain detector alarm circuit diagram is based on two transistors BC547 and BC557 . When the sense pads conducts , Tr1 and Tr2 will generate a pitch sound .

Auditorium Controller

In day-to-day life turning on the electrical accessories in places like auditorium, meeting places and technical arena plays the major role. If the meetings are arranged in these places a person is needed to control the electrical settings made in that places. In order to reduce the manual work in that places this project is mainly aimed at automatic controlling of the electrical settings in those places where we arranged for the meetings.

Simple Siren Circuit

This Simple Siren circuit will generate siren sound when SW pressed and increate sound frequency becuase capacitor C1 charged when switch SW released the frequency will decreated(C1 discharged).

Device Control By Telephone

Aim of this project is used to control the device from the remote place through DTMF. DTMF stands for [Dual Tone Multi Frequency]. This is the latest technology used in telephone dial. The program waits for the ringing of the telephone. When the telephone rings the ring detector detects the ring

Half-wave Rectifier

The simplest rectifier circuit is nothing more than a diode connected in series with the ac input. Since a diode passes current in only one direction, only half of the incoming ac wave will reach the rectifier output. Thus, this is a basic half-wave rectifier. The orientation of the diode matters; as shown, it passes only the positive half-cycle of the ac input, so the output voltage contains a positive dc component. If the diode were to be reversed, the negative half-cycle would be passed instead, and the dc component of the output would have a negative polarity.

EB Theft Indication

The main of this project is to indicate electric power theft to electricity board. This project is carried over through embedded technology. In this project we use wireless method to find out the electric theft.

Energy Meter

Main aim of this is to design electronic energy meter. Presently With the help of electromagnetic energy meter the amount of the electricity usage can be calculated. Here we are going to design electronic energy meter. To identify the amount of the power used by the house can be calculated using I sense and V sense. V sense contains the Potential transformer rectifier unit and the Zener diode. Zener diode is used for the function of maintain the voltage level up to 5V. I sense contains the current transformer rectifier unit and Zener diode current transformer is used to sense the amount of current flow through the circuit. I sense and V sense output is give to the input of ADC of PIC.

Home Appliance control

The aim of the project is to control the electrical apparatus through PC using embedded system technology

Industrial Monitor

The importance of the maintaining the health of this critical industrial Resource requires careful and constant monitoring. Under this concept industrial security is important factor. This project is carried over using the embedded technology.

Security Locker

Now a day's theft is increased highly. The security is not that much applicable so we have planned to design this project in embedded technology to achieve the above condition effectively.

Speed Control DC Motor

The main aim of this project is to control the DC motor speed. Speed control can be done with the help of PWM pulse generation. Pulse can be driving the driver circuit of the DC motor.