Here many projects listed in Various topics in Electronics and Embedded system. From that electronics hobbies enthusiasts can put their knowledge of electronics into practical experience by getting the materials themselves and build the projects or simply by getting some closely related projects from off the shelves products.

Electronic hobbyists, engineers and students to share and discuss problems, ideas, views and general information related to Electronics on the Internet

These projects will be useful for high school students, teachers, colleges and university students, electronics hobbyist and electronics designers. All one needs to know is basic electronics, some know-how of soldering, component identification and the determination to learn.

AC Powered White LED Lamp | Water Level Indicator using 7 segment display | Simple Rain Detector Alarm | Simple Siren Circuit | Half wave Rectifier | Simple LED flasher |

USB PIC Bootloader | Agriculture Pump Control | Appartment Security System | Auditorium Controller | Device Control By Telephone | EB Theft Indication | Energy Meter | Home Appliance control | Industrial Monitor | Security Locker | Speed Control DC Motor | Speed Measurement | Stepper Motor Control | Street Light Control | Pic USB Application | Unmanned Railway Gate | Topics | LM35 Based Temperature Controller |

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