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Security Locker




Now a day’s theft is increased highly. The security is not that much applicable so we have planned to design this project in embedded technology to achieve the above condition effectively.


Here In this project security is controlled using two password protection. If The room is locked there is no need of password is need of correct password is needed to lock, but to unlock someone had to prompt the correct password. If the Password was wrong for more than three times, there is buzzer to indicate or to alert.

Key pad is used to set the password. Key pad input is given to PIC Microcontroller. The password is stored in EEPROM of PIC. It contains the Data after the power off. So that we use the EEPROM.


Bank security

Home security

Military applications

anandhasurya   said:
6 years ago

I want new innovative security project.

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anonymous   said:
9 years ago

i want school security project

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