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Unmanned Railway Gate



The main aim of this project is to operate and control the unmanned railway gate in the proper manner in order to avoid the accidents in the unmanned railway crossing. The train accidents due to the absence of human power in the railway crossing are the major problems faced by the population. In order to overcome the accidents due to the above problem we have planned to design the project

The components to be involved in this project are PIC microcontroller, IR transmitter and receiver and the control circuit for the railway-crossing gate. The IR transmitter and a receiver will be placed in the certain distance [e.g.10km from the left and right] from the level crossing. In the absence of the train arrival the data will be getting transmitted from the transmitter to the receiver at that time the gate will be in the opened condition.

During the movement of the train from the left to right through the track the data from the IR transmitter and the receiver will get stopped at that time the signal will be given to the microcontroller which controls the gate controlled circuit. As soon as the control circuit receives the signal it closes the level crossing gate. At the time when the IR receiver placed in the right side receives the data from the transmitter placed at the same time the signal will be given to the microcontroller which controls the gate controlled circuit. As soon as the controlled circuit signal the gate gets opened.

The same process will be repeated for the train travelling from right to left. The only change is the gate will open based on the signal from the right side placed transmitter/receiver and gate will get closed based on the signal from the left side placed transmitter/receiver.

anonymous   said:
8 years ago

hi i really like this project ... i need circuit diagram to do that can u pls help me and tell us some tips related to this.... thanq

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anonymous   said:
9 years ago

hiiii...i saw the project on " AUTOMATIC RAILWAY GATE CONTROL SYSTEM " ......ITS VRY NICE.... n i want to do that project now .....actually i did up to middle of the project which was downloaded frm net only ...but i didn't wheather its
works or not ..thtsy i want u to gve me a small info abt this .......can u plzz tell me wch software is used to dump???? am using nw KEIL software...

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