8085 microprocessor :: Data transfer group

Data Transfer Group

The data transfer instructions move data between registers or between memory and registers.

MOV           Move

MVI           Move Immediate

LDA           Load Accumulator Directly from Memory

STA           Store Accumulator Directly in Memory

LHLD          Load H & L Registers Directly from Memory

SHLD          Store H & L Registers Directly in Memory

An 'X' in the name of a data transfer instruction implies that it deals with a register pair (16-bits);

LXI           Load Register Pair with Immediate data

LDAX          Load Accumulator from Address in Register Pair

STAX          Store Accumulator in Address in Register Pair

XCHG          Exchange H & L with D & E

XTHL          Exchange Top of Stack with H & L

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Pls include in condition flags are affected by any of the instruction in data transfer group

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