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Introduction to microcontrollers

A micro-controller can be compared to a small stand alone computer, it is a very powerful device, which is capable of executing a series of pre-programmed tasks and interacting with other hardware devices.

Embedded system

Is it a piece of Hardware? Or is it a software? Or is it a combination of both? The word Embedded System refers to "A Computer (similar to Desktop or Laptop) which has been designed to do specialized tasks (unlike Desktop or Laptop)"


RomuxSim is a web-based Electronics circuit simulator, that can simulate circuits containing wires, resistors, diodes, transistors, voltage sources, etc., RomuxSim is implemented in client-side JavaScript and HTML canvas method.

Agriculture Pump Control

The main aim of this project is to identify the water availability condition to the soil and to automatically control the water supply to the land in order to prevent the dry run condition for the soil.