Agriculture Pump Control



The main aim of this project is to identify the water availability condition to the soil and to automatically control the water supply to the land in order to prevent the dry run condition for the soil. In this project, we use embedded technology to indicate the status of the soil. In order to achieve a good profit in the agricultural field the soil should be maintained in proper condition that fits for crop cultivation. The main thing that should be seen in order to achieve the profit is to maintain the wet condition of the soil in the correct proportion.

The manual work to achieve the above condition is critical so we have decided to do this project with the help of embedded technology using PIC microcontroller. In this project, a humidity sensor is used to sense the wet condition of the soil. The water level in the foil is sensed by using a water level sensor.

The sensed condition is given as the input to the PIC microcontroller and based on the condition, the PIC microcontroller will turn on the relay which drives the pump and it will send a message of the condition of the soil to a mobile phone.

If the sensed condition is found to be dry the "SOIL IS DRY" will be get displayed in the mobile phone and simultaneously the relay will TURN ON the pump in order to wet the soil.

If the sensed condition is fount o be wet the "SOIL IS WET" will be get displayed in the mobile phone and the signal to the relay will be given in order to TURN OFF the pump to stop the water availability to the soil.

The main advantage of this project is the soil maintenance can be achieved effectively and the water supply to the soil would be provided without any interruption.

Block Diagram

 Agriculture Pump Control

Humidity Sensor SY-HS-220

These modules convert the relative humidity to output Voltage


Humidity Sensor

Vcc : 5V

Temperature Range : -30 ~ 85° C

Characterstic curve

characterstic curve

Circuit Diagram

 Agriculture Pump Control thumbnail

Components List

17 Resistors
Quantity: References Value
8 R1-R3, R7-R11 1k
4 R12-R15 1M
4 R16-R19 4k7
1 R20 220k
9 Capacitors
Quantity: References Value
1 C1 1000u
1 C2 104p
1 C3 100u
2 C4, C5 27p
4 C17-C20 100n
3 Integrated Circuits
Quantity: References Value
1 U1 7805
1 U3 PIC16F877A
1 U7 MAX232
5 Transistors
Quantity: References Value
5 Q1, Q4-Q7 BC547
4 Diodes
Quantity: References Value
3 D1, D2, D4 1N4007
1 D5 LED
8 Miscellaneous
Quantity: References Value
2 J1, J3 SIL-100-03
1 J2 CONN-H2
1 J4 CONN-H5
1 J5 D9-M For GSM Modem

Program Flow

 Agriculture Pump Control program  flow

AT Command Send SMS Message

To Test : send AT+CMGS=? Response: OK

To Change Text mode : send AT+CMGF=1 Response: OK

To Send SMS : send AT+CMGF="{Mobile Number}" {CR} TEXT ^Z Response: OK

Source Hex : download

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