Usb pic18f4550

USB PIC Bootloader

USB PIC Bootloader is a resident bootloader for PIC18 series of Enhanced Flash USB Microcontrollers. It allows you to program application hex into the chip using the standard USB connectivity of your device.

USB-PIC18F Bootloader Demo Projects

These projects are designed for USB PIC18F Bootloader kit and tested. The Source code for these project developed in MPLAB ASM or C18 C Compiler(Free Compiler).

Power Supply circuit

7805 is a 5V fixed three terminal positive voltage regulator IC . The IC has features such as safe operating area protection, thermal shut down, internal current limiting which makes the IC very rugged.

LCD Display circuit

An HD44780 Character LCD is a de facto industry standard liquid crystal display (LCD) display device designed for interfacing with embedded systems. These screens come in a variety of configurations including 8x1, which is one row of eight characters, 16x2, and 20x4. The most commonly manufactured configuration is 40x2 characters

Seven Segment Display Circuit

4 digit Seven segment display are connected by the method of Multiplexing method. By this method we can reduce the no.of interfacing pins. For example if we interface without multiplexing method we need 32 pins to control the 4 display. In multiplexing method 12 pins are enough.

LED Circuit

8 LED's are available in this board. we may use these to monitor 8 pins of the micro-controller.

Matrix keys

Keypads are a part of HMI or Human Machine Interface and play really important role in a small embedded system where human interaction or human input is needed. Martix keypads are well known for their simple architecture and ease of interfacing with any microcontroller.

Relay and Buzzer

The two relay drivers and a buzzer are built by using BC547 Transistors.

Analog inputs and I2C Module

The two POT are used to test analog based projects. I2C based EEPROM and RTC also available in this board. we can test datalogger and clock projects.

USB and RS232

USB used for downloading hex files. ZIGBEE , GSM Modem, GPS and PC are can be interface through the RS232 Port.

LED Toggle using Button Key

Demo code for LED Toggle using Button Key in Bootloader USB PIC18F4550.

LED Blink Demo

Here is a simple example program in Assembly language for LED blinking project. This code written in MPLAB IDE.

LCD Hello World Display demo

Demo code for LCD display to print Hello World Text in Bootloader USB PIC18F4550 by 4-bit method LCD interface.

ADC Example : 0-5V Volt Meter

C language example code Volt meter for Analog to Digital converter in Bootloader USB PIC18F4550 kit.

ADC Example : Temperature Display in LCD

C language code for Temperature Display in Bootloader USB PIC18F4550 by using Microchip C18 C Compiler.

4 Digit Multiplexed Segment Display

Here is a simple example program in C language for 4 Digit Seven Segment Display in multiplexed method project. This code written in MPLAB IDE.