Industrial Monitor




The importance of the maintaining the health of this critical industrial Resource requires careful and constant monitoring. Under this concept industrial security is important factor. This project is carried over using the embedded technology.


In this project the parameters like voltage, current, temperature are Monitored and controlled using PIC 16F877A microcontroller. The parameters Are measured with the help of the potential transformer, current transformer and temperature sensor. The potential transformer is used to sense the voltage and the current transformer is used to measure the current. The temperature sensor is sector the temperature of the environment in the industry. IR sensor is used to count the number of output products.

These measured parameters are given as he input to the PIC microcontroller and the controller compares the value range with the standard value if the value exceeds the standard value the transmission to the load will get automatically tripped.

At the same time the buzzer will gets turned on in order to alert the maintenance persons. Keypad in this project is used to set the product limit according to the requirement.

If the product count exceeds it set value then the buzzer will gets ON in order to alert the person about the target achievement. The parameters that are measured are continuously transmitted to the PC through MAX232.


The advantage of this project is to prevent the damages that will occur Due to the increase in the parameter value over the standard limit and the manual Work is also reduced in the continuous monitoring process.

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