Advantages of Electronics simulators

Nowadays, Students are learning much more electronics using circuit simulation software. Computer simulation of electronics has been available for years, and has proven to be accurate and effective.

Why the students facing problem in electronics lab?

  • Wiring a circuit in lab takes a long time.
  • Spotting wiring mistakes on a typical "breadboard" is hard.
  • Sometimes the problems are due to component failure. Components fail often in instructional electronics labs. This adds to lab time.
  • For the Safety purpose, Students not work alone in the electronics lab.

Why Simulations needed for electronics circuit ?

Simulation is a very important in the field of electronics. There are a number of reasons for this fact, as there are:

  • Saving of development time.
  • Saving of costs (avoid damage component).
  • Better understanding of the function of each component.
  • Easy to Testing and finding errors.
  • Fast optimisation of system.

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