DEC decrements the value of register by 1. If the initial value of register is 0, decrementing the value will cause it to reset to 255 (0xFF Hex). Note: The Carry Flag is NOT set when the value "rolls over" from 0 to 255.

Function:Decrement Register
Syntax:DEC register
DEC A0x1411None
DEC iram addr0x1521None
DEC @R00x1611None
DEC @R10x1711None
DEC R00x1811None
DEC R10x1911None
DEC R20x1A11None
DEC R30x1B11None
DEC R40x1C11None
DEC R50x1D11None
DEC R60x1E11None
DEC R70x1F11None

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