8051-8052 Instruction Set

Alphabetical List of Instructions

  • ACALL: Absolute Call
  • ADD, ADDC: Add Accumulator (With Carry)
  • AJMP: Absolute Jump
  • ANL: Bitwise AND
  • CJNE: Compare and Jump if Not Equal
  • CLR: Clear Register
  • CPL: Complement Register
  • DA: Decimal Adjust
  • DEC: Decrement Register
  • DIV: Divide Accumulator by B
  • DJNZ: Decrement Register and Jump if Not Zero
  • INC: Increment Register
  • JB: Jump if Bit Set
  • JBC: Jump if Bit Set and Clear Bit
  • JC: Jump if Carry Set
  • JMP: Jump to Address
  • JNB: Jump if Bit Not Set
  • JNC: Jump if Carry Not Set
  • JNZ: Jump if Accumulator Not Zero
  • JZ: Jump if Accumulator Zero
  • LCALL: Long Call
  • LJMP: Long Jump
  • MOV: Move Memory
  • MOVC: Move Code Memory
  • MOVX: Move Extended Memory
  • MUL: Multiply Accumulator by B
  • NOP: No Operation
  • ORL: Bitwise OR
  • POP: Pop Value From Stack
  • PUSH: Push Value Onto Stack
  • RET RETI: Return From Subroutine, Return From Interrupt
  • RL: Rotate Accumulator Left
  • RLC: Rotate Accumulator Left Through Carry
  • RR: Rotate Accumulator Right
  • RRC: Rotate Accumulator Right Through Carry
  • SETB: Set Bit
  • SJMP: Short Jump
  • SUBB: Subtract From Accumulator With Borrow
  • SWAP: Swap Accumulator Nibbles
  • XCH: Exchange Bytes
  • XCHD: Exchange Digits
  • XRL: Bitwise Exclusive OR
  • Undefined: Undefined Instruction

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