8085 microprocessor :: Arithmetic group

Arithmetic Group

The arithmetic instructions add, subtract, increment, or decrement data in registers or memory.

ADD           Add to Accumulator

ADI           Add Immediate Data to Accumulator

ADC           Add to Accumulator Using Carry Flag

ACI           Add Immediate data to Accumulator Using Carry 

SUB           Subtract from Accumulator

SUI           Subtract Immediate Data from Accumulator

SBB           Subtract from Accumulator Using Borrow (Carry) Flag

SBI           Subtract Immediate from Accumulator Using Borrow (Carry) Flag

INR           Increment Specified Byte by One

DCR           Decrement Specified Byte by One

INX           Increment Register Pair by One

DCX           Decrement Register Pair by One

DAD           Double Register Add; Add Content of Register

              Pair to H & L Register Pair

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