8085 microprocessor :: Logical group

Logical Group:

This group performs logical (Boolean) operations on data in registers and memory and on condition flags.

The logical AND, OR, and Exclusive OR instructions enable you to set specific bits in the accumulator ON or OFF.

ANA           Logical AND with Accumulator

ANI           Logical AND with Accumulator Using Immediate Data

ORA           Logical OR with Accumulator

OR            Logical OR with Accumulator Using Immediate Data

XRA           Exclusive Logical OR with Accumulator

XRI           Exclusive OR Using Immediate Data

The Compare instructions compare the content of an 8-bit value with the contents of the accumulator;

CMP           Compare

CPI           Compare Using Immediate Data

The rotate instructions shift the contents of the accumulator one bit position to the left or right:

RLC           Rotate Accumulator Left

RRC           Rotate Accumulator Right

RAL           Rotate Left Through Carry

RAR           Rotate Right Through Carry

Complement and carry flag instructions:

CMA           Complement Accumulator

CMC           Complement Carry Flag

STC           Set Carry Flag

anonymous   said:
6 years ago

Is logic operations in 8085 microprocessor can perform with negative sign of data?

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anonymous   said:
7 years ago

There is a mistake above RLC is Rotate Left Through Carry and RRC is Rotate Right Through Carry
RAL is Rotate Accumulator Left and RAR is Rotate Accumulator Right

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