Device Control By Telephone



Aim of this project is used to control the device from the remote place through DTMF. DTMF stands for [Dual Tone Multi Frequency]. This is the latest technology used in telephone dial. The program waits for the ringing of the telephone. When the telephone rings the ring detector detects the ring

When the phone rings it should be cut off. This is made possible through ON\OFF hook controller. When there is a ring outputted to the ON\OFF hook Control circuit .If the phone line is connected means the device can be controlled through phone line. Here we are going to control the four parameters lamp, buzzer Dc motor and fan. The switch present in the phone is used to control the device; here the switch 1,2,5,7 is used to on the device. 2,4,6,8 are used to off the corresponding device.

The program first check the dialed number with ON Password number if it matches then the program switches ON the device. If there is no match then it goes and checks with the OFF. The PIC microcontroller is used to control the devices

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