EB Theft Indication




The main of this project is to indicate electric power theft to electricity board. This project is carried over through embedded technology. In this project we use wireless method to find out the electric theft.


In this project we compare a particular poles input and output current by using current transformer. Is there any negative value means we indicate that particular pole has drawn more current as theft here we place one current transformer in input side of the post line. Other current transformer values are given as input to PIC microcontroller. PIC microcontroller converts these analog inputs into digital using inbuilt ADC converter. Then PIC compares the input current and the sum of output currents. If compared result had any negative value then this particular post is detected as theft point. This compared value is transmitted to electricity board through RF transmitter.

RF receiver is placed in electricity board office. This RF receiver receives this value and given as input to PIC. PIC displays this value in LCD display.

The advantage of this project is to reduce the electric power theft. This is useful of power stations, electricity board

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