Energy Meter



Main aim of this is to design electronic energy meter. Presently With the help of electromagnetic energy meter the amount of the electricity usage can be calculated. Here we are going to design electronic energy meter. To identify the amount of the power used by the house can be calculated using I sense and V sense. V sense contains the Potential transformer rectifier unit and the Zener diode. Zener diode is used for the function of maintain the voltage level up to 5V. I sense contains the current transformer rectifier unit and Zener diode current transformer is used to sense the amount of current flow through the circuit. I sense and V sense output is give to the input of ADC of PIC.

ADC converts the analog signal i.e. continuous signal to digital signal i.e. discrete signal. From The ADC result we can calculate the power. Power is calculate by multiplying the voltage and current. The voltage and current values can be taken from the ADC. ADC is a 10 bit so the resolution is 1024. Voltage is 0 means the sample is 0, voltage is 5 means sample is 1023 and the voltage is 2.5 samples is 512.

Operating voltage of PIC is 5V. The heart of the PIC is oscillator here we are using the 4MHZ crystal oscillator for the operation of controller

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