Street Light Control



Main aim of this project is to control the street light using LDR. LDR Is stands for light dependent resistance. When the light falling occurs means resistance value will be change. There is no light then the resistance value is change. From this resistance change the voltage variation can be obtained this value is given to ADC of PIC. PIC is stand for peripheral interface controller.

ADC is inbuilt in PIC. The function of the ADC is to convert the analog signal to digital signal. From this digital signal the light in the environment can be Monitored. If the darkness increase that is at night time the lamp will be Automatically on. At day time the brightness is less so the light will be Automatically OFF.

Relay is used for the ON\OFF the light. Here we are using the Electromagnetic relay12v supply is need to drive this relay. Operating voltage of The PIC is 5V this get from power supply unit. Oscillator is one of the most important device to drive the controller so here we are using the 4MHZ crystal oscillator

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