Stepper Motor Control



Stepper motor can rotate by applying a sequence of pulses to the stepper motor coils. The speed of the motor is based on the sequence of pulses to the motor. Direction can be changed by changing the pulse sequence inversely. Here this pulse is getting from PIC Microcontroller. It's a Programmable Peripheral Interface controller. Here keypad, Stepper motor Driver both are interfaced with the PIC Microcontroller. The keypad is used to vary the speed and to change the direction Of the stepper motor.

Controller output is given in to the stepper Motor Driver circuit. In this block, the input signal is given in to the power transistor for getting more power. This amplified supply is given in to the stepper motor coils. In this section, the diodes are used to block the reverse supply from the Stepper Motor Coil. It will Act as a freewheeling Diode. Power resister is used to protecting the motor for over current. That is the current limiting resistor.

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