Appartment Security System



The main aim of this project is to secure the apartment. This project is carried over through embedded technology using PIC microcontroller. The apartment can be monitored and if any problem arises alarm will be ON.


We are design an embedded system to monitor the apartment with the help of IR sensor, switch and temperature sensor. First the person can allow entering after verification of password. If any person presents inside the room PIC controller automatically switch on the lights and fan .Else its remains in off condition. After that PIC microcontroller monitors the desire input from the IR sensor and temperature sensor. Temperature sensor monitors the incoming and outgoing persons. Switch is used for security code to unlock the door. LCD display shows the current status of the appliances.

The main advantage of this project is reducing the manual works and economical power saving. Prevent the unauthorized person entry and the fire accident. This project is useful for homes, offices, industries etc.

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