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Auditorium Controller




In day-to-day life turning on the electrical accessories in places like auditorium, meeting places and technical arena plays the major role. If the meetings are arranged in these places a person is needed to control the electrical settings made in that places. In order to reduce the manual work in that places this project is mainly aimed at automatic controlling of the electrical settings in those places where we arranged for the meetings


The components used in this project are IR sensors, Temperature sensor, Microcontroller, LCD Display. IR sensor used in this project is to sense the entry and the exit of the Person to the auditorium.

If the people enter the room it is sensed by the sensor and it gives the signal to the microcontroller which will activate the relay. Turn will automatically turn on the electrical equipments inside the auditorium and then the Status of the individual equipments like fan and light status are displayed as ON in the LCD display. If the sensor detects the room to be empty then it will give the Signal to the microcontroller which will deactivate the relay.

The relay in turn will automatically turn off the electrical equipments inside the auditorium and then the Status of the individual equipments like fan and light are displayed as OFF in the LCD display.

Temperature sensor in this project is used to sense the temperature of the auditorium and to the automatically switch ON\OFF the Air conditioner. The Temperature of the auditorium is sensed with the temperature sensor and the Measured analog value is converted into the equivalent digital value with the ADC and the value is compared with the normal value if the value is abnormal Then the corresponding relay will activates or deactivates and the status of the Air Conditioner is displayed in the LCD display.

Thus the automatic control of the electrical equipments in the auditorium is achieved effectively and thus power Consumption is also made efficient.

anonymous   said:
3 years ago

Please give me a circuit diagram of the project of embedded based intelligent auditorium controller.

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anonymous   said:
9 years ago

block diagram

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