Toolbar icons

The following table contains detailed description of each toolbar icon.

New Assembler file. It is commonly used for including an Assembler file into existing project.
Open an existing Assembler file.
Save program (Assembler file)
Cut text. This and the following 3 icons are standard for all text processors. As every program code is actually a text file, these options are commonly used.
Copy text. Unlike the previous one, this icon leaves the selected text on screen while storing it into clipboard.
Paste text. When part of the text is copied or cut, it is stored to clipboard, where it can be called upon via this command.
Print open file in which Assembler program is located.
Help for the project section and the entire MPLAB.
Create a new project. This command is straightforward as it avoids the use of Wizard - just name the project and type the path line to the appropriate folder.
Open the existing project. Project opened in this way keeps all the previous settings.
Save Workspace. Workspace saved in this way keeps all the parameter and window settings, so that when it's loaded you get the exact look of the work area it had at the moment of saving. Save your project frequently, especially if you work with multiple windows in simulator and you have them arranged to your liking.
Build options.
When eventual errors have been spotted during the simulation process, program needs to be repaired. As simulator uses HEX file as its input, program should be translated anew in order to take the changes to the simulator. This icon (Make) translates the project from the start and creates the latest version of the HEX file for the simulator.
Similar to the previous icon, except that the whole project is translated and not just the Assembler file whose code has been changed.


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