Speed Measurement



The main aim of the project is to measure the speed of moving vehicle. This project is carried over through embedded technology using PIC microcontroller.


In this project was carried over through IR Sensor and timer unit in pic Microcontroller. Here we are going to design the module which can be able to sense and calculate the moving vehicle time duration between the desired distances.

Both IR sensors are placed in the beginning and of the desired distance. After sensing the first sensor the timer module of controller should be ON. Timer should remains ON state until the vehicle reach the second sensor. After getting the time duration we can able to calculate the speed of the vehicle with the help of mathematical formula {speed=distance\time}.

We are using the Peripheral Interface Controller for monitoring the speed of the vehicles. The heart of the PIC is oscillator. Here 4MHZ crystal oscillator is used. The operating voltage of this controller is 5V this is given from power supply unit. The corresponding monitored values are displayed in the LCD display.

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